What I do

How I Can Help

I want to inspire you & those around you to use Real Estate as a vehicle to drive YOUR life towards where you want it to be.

You might only need to meet me once, but I’m here to help the profession in any way I can.


Do you or your team have a specific concern that you need some fresh energy around?

After a detailed brief and goals set as to what you want to achieve out of the session, we will collaborate in an hour that will be targeted towards what it is that you want to achieve.

With 21 years in service industries at every level, I will bring a different way of thinking that will inspire you to take action.


Why do you want to do all of this…?

Real Estate is a tough profession to be in, as a sales agent or property manager, so surely you want to make sure that what you’re doing is worth it?!

Whatever your goals maybe, my goal will be simple – to get you closer to where you want to be in life.

If you want help with that, then fill in the application and start the process.

Note: I will only commit to people that want to commit to improving their lives through what they do. If that’s you, then let’s talk.


Whether it’s a small community group or The Palladium at Crown, I enjoy bringing all of my values to the fore in a way that will leave your audience inspired.

Whatever length of presentation that you require, I will liaise with the organisers to understand their goals around content, audience, energy and outcome.

Special areas of focus include: Real Estate, Mental Health, Sales, Customer-focussed Solutions, Motivation

I’d love to light up your next event or conference!


Named ‘Australian Auctioneer Of The Year – 2022’ by Real Estate Business, and one of only 18 Master Auctioneers at the REIV, the craft of auctioneering is my true passion.

My job is to make agents stand out, as well as positioning vendors to make the most out of their biggest asset. Availability is limited, BOOK NOW!