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I will commit to you and set goals that you want to achieve, whether you are new to your profession or in an executive position. Apply now


Whether your conference has a theme, or if your event needs an injection of energy, I will bring a passion & an awareness that will inspire action!


Do you need me to get my hands dirty within your business? Find out how I can help to facilitate action through my business applications in award-winning auctioneering & marketing consulting.

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A Bit About Me

Hi there gang, thanks for joining me!

My job in life is to inspire action in you, your customers and your business.

I’ve spent 21 years in service industries, working from the ground up to running businesses with 8-figure annual turnovers. Having turned my hand to Real Estate over 10 years ago, I’ve discovered something that holds true across ALL service industries.

If we want to genuinely Inspire Action (IA) in customers, we need to do 2 things:

Connect with them as human beings. (EQ – Emotional Intelligence)

Prove credibility beyond doubt. (IQ – Intellectual Intelligence)

Through training we tend to be swayed one way or the other, when in fact the inspiration comes when both are brought together.

IA = EQ + IQ

Put simply (because we like simplicity!), we need to learn to be ‘Professional Humans’, and that’s what I want to inspire in you.

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What My Clients Say?

No Jargon, straight to the point, and he understands what we want to achieve within real estate. He gets it, so can offer solutions that are in tune with our needs AND our clients’ needs.
Suraj Samaranayake
Director, Boutique Estate Agency
His philosophies are so simple, but that’s half the beauty of it! Andy allowed me to truly understand what it means to work alongside the vendors to collaborate to success!
Jo Mooney
Just Realty
If you are looking for a mentor in the Real Estate Industry, this is your guy! Andy will go above and beyond, have some fun but also get the results you are after. He brings such a positive energy.
Paxton Farley

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