About Me

My Purpose

Communicating to inspire action, one human at a time.



True interdependence through understanding one another.


Maintaining perspective on who we are


Clear thoughts, clear mindset, clear actions

My Mission

To provide a balance between human emotion & real-world practicality in order to allow professionals to be who they are AND be successful at the same time.

To lower the industry turnover of staff whilst improving the overall standards and perception of the Real Estate professional.

What is a ‘Professional Human’?

When we are being judged by a client, we are being put through 2 key questions:

  1. Do we like this person?
  2. Do they know what they are doing?

Up until recently in the profession of Real Estate, the focus for the majority of us appears to be heavily dominated by the functionality of what we do.

And that is great…except it hasn’t lead us to having the best reputation ever…has it?!

Although a few have succeeded by going down that route, the vast majority have failed, and as a result a large majority end up leaving the industry within the first 2-3 years.

Now more recently, there has been an influx of training around ‘Emotional Intelligence’, but even then it has been more focussed on the professional as opposed to the dynamics of a client relationship.

To be a professional human means that you can take the knowledge that you learn, tune in to the client’s needs and emotions, and deliver an outcome that delivers in alignment with those needs and emotions.

Not an ‘order-taker’ or dictator, but someone that delivers solutions based on empathy whilst maintaining a high level of skill and awareness as to what those best solutions are.

Why Be A Coach?

I can hear the question now…

‘If he’s that good then why isn’t he just doing it for himself?!’

And honestly…I do still do it for myself! But I simply take more enjoyment from helping others to succeed, and giving them the spotlight to shine in.

Having said that, I’m still a tremendously active auctioneer in Melbourne because I love the craft, and I am an active member of the Real Estate Institute of Victoria.

So don’t worry, the tools are still nice & sharp!


What My Clients Say?

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