High Performance Humans with Kay Bretz

To say that this guy is unique is an understatement! Ultra…ultra…ULTRA marathon runner Kay Bretz is an international (incredibly) long-distance runner, representing Australia on the World stage. Competing in events that take 24-hours to complete, his ability to compartmentalise pain & struggle is quite phenomenal.

A fascinating chat, Kay takes us to times when he got lost in one of the biggest events of his career, the methodology behinde him overcoming adversity, and how he prepares for these insane feats of human ability. What a gentleman he is too! He recently launched his book ‘Turning Right – Inspire The Magic’, in which he looks to spark magic in others that can propel them to greater heights within themselves. Once you’ve heard from this guy, you need to connect with him because he is an oddly-wired guy, in the most amazing way. ka*@tu**********.com

Website: www.turningright.com.

Get the award-winning book ‘Turning Right – Inspire the Magic’ available as paperback, ebook and audiobook: