Too Many Robots And Not Enough Humans In Real Estate!

Customers want to deal with HUMANS in Real Estate!

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Until now, Real Estate coaching tended to be focussed on either ‘Emotional’ or ‘Intellectual’ intelligence.

You have either been smashed with scripts and dialogues, or told to be centred and focussed on the connection with potential clients.

The simple truth is that we need both if we are to truly inspire action in our customers.

If you are a robotic Agent…

If you lean too far towards Real Estate scripts, dialogues and systems then you will not be aware about the energy in the room.

You will be so focussed on getting your information out that you don’t pay attention to how the information is being received!

The big issue with scripts is that you need to understand the context, more than the actual content. Just repeating a script to a client doesn’t allow you to relate the information to them. The level of disconnect that this can create will make it really hard for agents to show value beyond the transaction.

Will you know what you are doing? Of course you will, but if anything the way that you convey information will feel very clinical. That will leave you with very little to attract the client with other than the commission.

If you are a hippy…

then you will hear these words a lot:

‘We really liked you, but we just decided to go with the other agent this time.’

You have earned their trust to a degree, however you have not done enough to demonstrate your credibility as a Real Estate professional!

You will not feel comfortable unless you have some level of warmth in the room.

EQ + IQ = Inspiring Action

The truth is that you will need to demonstrate traits on both sides of this equation if you are to win business on a level playing field. Customers of any kind will always judge you based on whether they like you, as well as whether you know what you are doing.

So next time that you are preparing for a meeting wth a potential vendor or landlord, make sure that you have paid attention to both EQ and IQ in your presentation.

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