Tired of hitting ‘dead ends’ in Real Estate?

Real Estate can sometimes feel like ‘Groundhog Day’.

Make the same prospecting calls. Send the same emails. Work the same structures that have been in existence for years.

We do what we have been told based on what worked in the past.

But doesn’t it just feel like you have been doing that forever…?

Here is one of my all-time favourite quotes from the brilliant Albert Einstein:

Based on that, it makes very little sense to consistently listen to regurgitated scripts, dialogues and systems. Many of them pay very little attention to the person that matters the most, i.e. the customer.

Reverse-engineering real estate

If customers were happy with the way we were servicing them, then there would be no place for ‘disruptors’ to come into the space. Nor would there be a fear that technology was about to take over, yet that is very apparent!

Let’s take listing presentations for example. We are taught as Real Estate agents to present marketing a certain way, to prefer one type of strategy over another etc. We are taught how to look professional, present well and (hopefully) get all of the information out.

But therein lies the issue…where is the customer in all of this Real Estate jargon…??

If we were to start by learning and understanding the various dynamics that could be at play from the customer’s perspective, then we could understand how to apply our knowledge. A much better idea than reciting Real Estate at them in the hope it wins business!

So next time you get a phone call, perhaps pay attention to the customer before going through your list of questions.

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