Are You Struggling To Find Motivation?

The need to re-assess your goals is fairly clear!

Do you struggle with motivation in Real Estate?

Sometimes in Real Estate it can be really challenging to stay motivated. Particularly during these times of restricted operations when we are spending more time at home.

We have a number of repetitive tasks such as calling prospects, letter box drops and door knocking. On top of that, each time we suffer a setback our motivation is tested.

So how do we maintain our levels of motivation?

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Your Goals Are Your Lighthouse

Losing motivation is a key sign that you have lost perspective on your goals.

Having goals to focus on allows you to see beyond current challenges. Like a lighthouse during a storm, they provide a guiding light that brings you safely to shore. If you do not have goals, or if you neglect them, then you simply have nothing to push for!

The way that the world has been upended, there is every chance that your goals may need to be recalibrated. However if you do not have ANY goals…then how on earth can you score at all? Especially now, when the world is having its mental fortitude tested to the extreme, your goals are the single most important thing that will grant you the energy to progress.

It is OK To Play In The Short Term

When it feels like all momentum is lost, it is understandable to feel that getting to next week would be an achievement!

I do like having long term goals, but I also feel that it is important to set some goals for the short term right now. We all need to feel a couple of wins, so getting the ball rolling by setting one month, two month and 6 month goals may be a smart way to go.

Set them in a SMART way (smart, measurable, achievable, relevant, timely), and give yourself something tangible to shoot towards.

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